Going Skin Deep: Skin Serum

Skin Serum.This product is especially vital for my 30+ ladies. Your skin will love the consistency of this product and its fast absorption into your skin. Skin serum is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and firming ingredients. Carmen’s Tip: When you apply it to your skin, give special attention to the expression lines on your face (aka […]

Going Skin Deep: Toner or Astringent

Get Toned! We’re talking skin Toner or Astringent. For many, this is the forgotten step, but it is so important to your routine. Toner or astringent will remove the residual of the cleanser, recalibrate the skin to its optimal level, and bring back your PH balance.  Toners or astringent stimulate and refine the texture of […]

Going Skin Deep: Cleanser

W We have been busy here at Beauty Alibi! We are excited to share with you, in a two part blog series, excerpts of the article that was recently published in Emerge Woman Magazine Volume 1 Issue 3. Stay with us for 5 weeks of  “Going Skin Deep” for skincare tips to maintain healthy and glowing skin and […]