During this past year, 2020, Covid-19 appeared and shifted the way we perceive life in our nation. And I was not an exception.  As my business evolved in a different direction at the end of December 2019, I no longer had a store front location and decide to be a freelance makeup artist for PBS39,  weddings, photoshoots and I continue to sell my makeup online. I found myself with lots of time. So I decide to start doing things that I tried when I was younger…. running! Yes! It’s never too late to start all over again and honestly, what am I going to do with all this time? I started 0n a treadmill a year ago, but it’s not the same.  On a treadmill, when you stop running you’re still in the same place, but when you run outdoors, you have to run back! I didn’t know how this change would feel to me when I started running.

Running felt like something new for me in February 2020. I realized how much freedom I had and how much more connected and present I am when I run outdoors whether it’s on a trail, track or road. I love seeing the beauty of nature in their seasons. Being wrapped like a burrito in the winter and seeing flurries of snow in between my lashes. Looking at the first bloom of colors in spring. and feeling the breeze on an early summer afternoon. Runs became my escape, my joy, and I enjoy this new adventure for 30 or 40 minutes. What I have noticed was that I always apply lipstick. On all my runs without even thinking about it, applying lipstick was automatic. Remember when I said that my mom felt naked without lipstick when she went out? Well to my surprise, I have been doing exactly the same.

After a few months running consistently,  I entered my first 5k race. At my age, I am not expected to win. I started running to keep myself healthy and fit. For those who run races, schedules were very different due to the new health regulations. But, I was still excited for many reasons.

This is out of my comfort zone and I didn’t know what to expect. On the other hand, knowing that I don’t have to wear a mask anymore means that it’s my opportunity to wear lipstick! Yes, at last! I realized how much I missed showing off and putting on lipsticks in public! I missed my favorites colors and how feminine I look when I use lipstick. There is something about lipsticks that just lift your spirit! I love how moisturized and protected my lips feel when I wear them. I always carry at least one in my  #beautyalibimakeupbag. I always grab my favorite color #beautyalibimarrone. Creamy and rich in vitamin E and jojoba oil. Lots of moisture to protect my  lips from the environment and the sun, keeping them healthy and smooth. To find your perfect shade for your adventures, click the link to shop Beauty Alibi lipsticks.


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