According to my bucket list, my next adventure was the beach… but where? The closest one is like 2 hours away! When I lived in Puerto Rico, I used to have day trips to the beach any time I wanted because the beach was so close to me. It was like 20 minutes away from my mom’s house! When I was 16, I learned how to scuba dive in one of the most beautiful areas in Puerto Rico, La Parguera. I wanted to recreate those experiences and find a water adventure close to me here in Pennsylvania.

Well, I had to face the fact that I’m surrounded by lakes and parks in this area. Lake water? No diving for me, that’s for sure! Then what? Kayaking! I wanted to experience this because this time I’ll be on the water, not in the water. I started to search and eventually got my own kayak (how I got it will be another story)! It’s a beautiful lilac-colored kayak, so girly! And then the adventure started. Learning how to manage it and how to get in the water was all new to me. Kayaking has brought me so much joy. Water calms me. I look up and see the sky and the clouds in such a different way which is so powerful to me. And the best part of it is that I’ve kayaked at more than 5 of the beautiful state parks and lakes in my area.

Nescopeck State Park

These are some of the lakes I have visited: Promised Land Lake, Otter Lake, Nuangola Lake, Frances Slocum State Park, Lake Nockamixon, and Nescopeck State Park. Where are the lipsticks, you ask? They are always on my lips 👄 I choose different colors for my different outfits. I have such a girly spirit! I have to write it again my friends, #beautyalibilipsticks with a rich and creamy formula to protect my lips with vitamin A, vitamin E and jojoba oils. They make me feel good and fabulous 😌 These are a few names of lip colors I have been using this summer: #fusion #marrooned #tranquility #justcoral. It’s still summer until it’s cold so enjoy it. Have fun, put some color on your lips, and smile! Life is a gift!

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  1. I agree! When you are facing new experiences you must use things that make you feel empowered, like your favorites lipsticks! Mines are : persimmon, passion pink and cherry on top, also poppy , actually I’m into reds!! Lipsticks makes me feel confident , and I just love that feeling!!

    1. Agnes, thank you so much for your comment. I love that you have our Beauty Alibi best-selling lipsticks in your makeup bag!

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