Camping was never on my bucket list. Not even when my three boys were younger. At the time, I believed it was too much work because I had too much to pack which made it not feel like a vacation for me! I remember in my younger years, a couple of good friends decided to go camping on one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico, “Combate”. We placed the tent close to the shore. That evening we saw the most beautiful sunset ever! Breathtaking. In the morning, I saw the most amazing sunrise. Remember, I had an ocean view site for free. Even then, I was still not convinced to like camping at all. But times have changed.

I started camping a year ago. I had a tent that someone gifted my kids for a birthday party when they were 9 years old. It was never used, only for that day. All these years with a tent and never felt the interest to go camping.  Just remember, I had never gone real camping. When I started to camp and shared with my clients my new adventure, they would say “You camping? You mean glamping” (Which is a term for a more glamorous style of camping).

The first time I went camping it was on a beautiful campsite. To my surprised, now they had amenities such as water and electricity. I was impressed already! It was a great experience. Quietness, campfire, smoked food, connected with nature, and just being present. I love to see the creations of God in the most amazing sites here in PA.

We upgraded this year with a mini-trailer and it has been the most amazing experience ever. Everything is already packed. All my beauty essentials are in! Skincare, sunblock, and of course, my favorite Beauty Alibi Lipsticks are always on hand so I can apply at any moment. Remember to always protect your skin with sunblock and with hats and shirts that are made to protect you from the sun. We have visited a few campsites around the area such as Hickory Run, Otter Lakes, and Promised Land. The adventure is not over yet! See you on my next adventure! 

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