Eye cream

Eye cream.This is the must-have product to reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. One of the first signs of aging is the fine lines under your eyes because it is one of the thinner layers on your face.

Tip: Apply the cream under your eyes with your ring finger (which has the softest touch from all your fingers).

Recommendation:Sesha Advance Eye Restore

This highly advanced eye rejuvenator contains a system of four revolutionary components, Argireline™, Haloxyl™, Pentacare™, and MDI Complex. This super-charged combination minimizes the appearance of lines around the eyes. Argireline™, a hexapeptide that relaxes the facial muscles, reduces the look of wrinkles while Pentacare™ tightens the outer layer of skin for a quick lift and Haloxyl™ decreases dark circles under the eyes.


To strengthen the capillaries and reduce puffiness around the eyes, the Advanced Eye Restore utilizes a combination of grape seed extract, caffeine, and seaweed extract.



This post is part one (Going Skin Deep) of a two part series which include excerpts of the article that was recently published in Emerge Woman Magazine Volume 1 Issue 3. 

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