What a year has passed, 2020. It was overwhelming, unprecedented, and uncertain.

I asked myself, how will beauty find its way for Spring and Summer 2021 while we are still using masks? How can I wear my new fabulous Beauty Alibi Lipsticks or Beauty Alibi Liquid Illuminators while being covered with a mask? How about my skin? I have been taking care of my skin during winter and it’s still being covered by the use of a mask.

 Let’s see the beauty side of new trends that Beauty Alibi has for you!

 If you are using BA Mineral Makeup Collection, you are a step ahead! This season is all about natural and dewy makeup, and no makeup trends.

 Let’s start with Skin Natural and Dewy.


  1.   It is important to recharge and rejuvenate your skin. Microdermabrasion and Myolift treatments will help your skin to remove dead cells. My clients love this treatment, and they usually leave with rejuvenated and clean glowing skin.


  1.   We also can achieve dewy-looking skin using serums, Vitamin C, and Hilaronic Acid after any treatments or every morning and night. Your skin will look amazing!


  1.   Of course, we need a skincare regimen that we follow every night like cleanser, exfoliant with Clarisonic brush, serum, eye cream, and night cream, according to the needs of your skin and age.


  1.   Natural Beauty is a TREND. Less is becoming more.


I am so happy to see that this trend is becoming REAL. Let’s embrace who we are. Let’s be comfortable in our skin. I am! Using natural products, that enhance and are beneficial for your skin. Using Beauty Alibi Mineral Loose Powders, BB creams, and concealers you are creating this natural look and at the same time, you are also nourishing your skin with natural and antioxidants ingredients. 


  1.   Happy colors for 2021.


Yes, you will see more yellows, blues, and greens in eye shadows!


  1. Revival of your lips!!!


Let’s Celebrate our Lips in 2021. When they can be seen, I am up for that! Even though neutral and lip shine will be the emphasis this spring and summer, let’s show your Beauty Alibi favorite bold red lip colors like Cherry on Top, Poppy, Bright, and bold pink colors like Fusion and Passion Pink.

 Allow me to show you how to bring your beauty from the inside out and discover your authentic shine. Let’s set up a time together.

 “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” -Jessica Harrison

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