Holidays just arrived! Some of you are busy preparing the holiday’s dinners list, decorating, buying and wrapping presents, and still making sure everything looks fabulous. Holidays are also a time to justify a new outfit and wear that red lipstick or shimmer you want! So, let me show you the looks that I picked for you. They are easy!

Easy holiday looks that will never go wrong:

Bright & Bold

Wear that fabulous red lipstick you want. Since your lip color will be the focal point, keep your makeup simple. The rest of your look should be essential.

The products I applied to her are:

It’s All About that Shimmer

If you love the way your eyes look when you apply makeup, then this look will be your favorite.

Products I applied to accentuate her eyes are:

Blush Amplified

Use your favorite blush to accentuate your cheeks to have a healthy but strong look. Skip contouring! 😊

Products used:

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