We immediately think about frozen temperatures, snowstorms, and covering from head to toes to warm our bodies when we think about February. Freezing Started. I can feel my body pains intensify. My regular skin changes to dry. I have to change my skincare routine, and I get to the gym more frequently to warm my joints and body. How do you deal with winter? What do you do to keep yourself occupied and not feel the winter blues? It looks like a never-ending story for me! 

This year, I started to add collagen to my skincare routine. I have constantly nourished my body with great food, now more than ever. Taking my vitamins and making sure I pamper myself. I usually get a massage, or I can go to the chiropractor for an alignment. I am forcing myself (in an excellent way) to be outdoors as much as my body can. I have to add extra moisturizer, eye cream, lipstick, so my lips don’t dry, and sunblock if it is sunny. Also, I register for a running challenge through February at least; to run a mile will count! So far, I am accomplishing my goals😊. I have noticed that running quiets my mind, which runs as I wake up 😁. I listen to music or a podcast. I hear my breathing, and I am so aware of my surroundings. I noticed nature and the sunshine differently. I am breathing, I am connected, and I feel free!

As you read, you will probably be thinking, why are you talking about this and not LOVE? Why? February is the month of Love! February is the the-red-heart kind of month. Why are you not promoting your products and services? Why are you not talking about how to share Love?

I have a big reason why I am sharing this. We (moms, wives, moms, women in general) take care of everything around us and more when we are businesswomen. We wear so many hats during the day. We Run, and sometimes we don’t see the signs to stop. I am stopping now, and as always, I want to share how I feel. 

February is My I-LOVE -YOU ❤️ month. I am going to show me, Love, ❤️. I am taking a month’s moment for myself. Love me, and nourish my body, mind, and soul to be me. To activate my kindness and share a meal with a girlfriend and a walk. To share a workout and a laugh! I want to show you how to feel beautiful from the inside out! It sounds selfish. You will probably think so, but it is not! I love all of you! When you love all of you, someone will notice and want to know why.

Start your day with a grateful mind and heart. A big smile 😊 and with peace. 

Have a Happy Love your month, and I will have a LOVE ME MORE one

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