I know we are already in the middle of January, and I can’t believe it! I took time off from the holidays to clear my mind and start again. Look at what I want to share and be excited and passionate about it. I want to experience the excitement differently. I want to feel the thrill of finding a new thing to share with my clients and friends. A new product or treatment compliments what I do as a Makeup Artist and an Esthetician.

Beauty Alibi BB Creams

Our Beauty Alibi Mineral Collection line is all plant-based pigments and vitamins. With essential nutrients to replenish, protect and neutralize free radicals, in other words, is skincare makeup, my mineral makeup of preference. I used one of the most prestigious skincare treatments at my Skin Room, all based in seaweed, where I perform my amazing anti-aging facials and skin treatments. It all started this past December 24, 2021. My family was dining at Kome Japanese restaurant. The manager, who knows me very well, told me, “I don’t know what you are doing, but you look younger every time I see you.” This statement was the beginning of a search of what I was doing differently that got the attention of someone! So I did not realize until the following compliment three days after that. My nail tech, which I love, can not tell her name because I have not asked permission, but she has been doing my nails for a while now. She mentions that my nails are getting stronger, and she loves my cheeks! I was surprised by what she said (reminding you, I just turned 54 this year and became an Abuelita). I also noticed that my hair is not falling, is stronger, and growing longer and faster.

What am I doing differently? Why are people asking me? I remembered that I had been drinking collagen for the past three weeks. It has to be collagen! I drink Elixir collagen, “A little bottle of amazing,” twice daily. I have to say that I am not one of those who run and try products that people sell or advertise. But Collagen Elixir boosts my collagen production and helps maintain my skin inside out, adding strength to my nails and hair. I am thrilled!! So excited to share this with you and my loyal clients. As an esthetician and a makeup artist, my purpose has been to advise my clients with their skin condition and makeup application. Now I can guide them to restore their natural beauty from the inside out. Did I mention, the skincare used in my skin room are all seaweed based products? The Collagen Elixir is also infused with a blend of marine collagen peptides and powerful botanicals.

I am glowing, and I like to invite you to try. Sip your way to youthful skin!

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  1. Hi my fabulous friend! Just found your site and blog! I love it … the traveling lipstick and THIS. Super timely. The winter weather is so drying on my skin and hair and nails. I’ll be giving you a call!

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