Beauty Alibi on the faces of Lehigh Valley women.

One of the Beauty Alibi attributes is simplicity. Organic mineral makeup that suits any skin color. Makeup that makes you feel confident, beautiful, sexy and happy. I want to showcase the versatility of Beauty Alibi Mineral products that go beyond skin color, age or ethnicity. I have created this for all of you. Beauty Alibi […]

Spring 2022 Makeup Trends

I am counting the days for spring to arrive. It has been an exciting winter! Days where temperatures rise to 60 degrees and the next day drops to freezing temperatures! I wondered if the weather has a kind of hormonal challenge 😂😂! But I am glad spring is around the corner: warmer weather, brighter sunshine, […]

Love You … I LOVE me more

LOVE – YOU ❤️ LOVE – YOU ❤️ LOVE – YOU ❤️ We immediately think about frozen temperatures, snowstorms, and covering from head to toes to warm our bodies when we think about February. Freezing Started. I can feel my body pains intensify. My regular skin changes to dry. I have to change my skincare […]

My new skincare Routine

I know we are already in the middle of January, and I can’t believe it! I took time off from the holidays to clear my mind and start again. Look at what I want to share and be excited and passionate about it. I want to experience the excitement differently. I want to feel the […]

Illuminate your Christmas!

Holidays just arrived! Some of you are busy preparing the holiday’s dinners list, decorating, buying and wrapping presents, and still making sure everything looks fabulous. Holidays are also a time to justify a new outfit and wear that red lipstick or shimmer you want! So, let me show you the looks that I picked for […]

Adventures of a Lipstick: Biking

Breathe in, breathe out! Inhale and exhale. I am trying to calm myself. You may think I’m doing yoga or meditating, right? No. I have too much energy for these modalities. I am thinking… should I ride a bicycle or a motorcycle? Why not both? That’s what’s next on my bucket list: a bicycle. After […]

Adventures of a Lipsticks: Camping

Camping was never on my bucket list. Not even when my three boys were younger. At the time, I believed it was too much work because I had too much to pack which made it not feel like a vacation for me! I remember in my younger years, a couple of good friends decided to […]

Adventures of a Lipstick: Kayaking

According to my bucket list, my next adventure was the beach… but where? The closest one is like 2 hours away! When I lived in Puerto Rico, I used to have day trips to the beach any time I wanted because the beach was so close to me. It was like 20 minutes away from […]

Adventures of a Lipstick: Running

During this past year, 2020, Covid-19 appeared and shifted the way we perceive life in our nation. And I was not an exception.  As my business evolved in a different direction at the end of December 2019, I no longer had a store front location and decide to be a freelance makeup artist for PBS39,  […]

Adventures of a Lipstick

I know at least one of you owns a lipstick 💄 in your favorite color. Some of you are obsessed with lipsticks like me! Some others love their textures. Shiny, matte, pearl, cream, or as simple as lip gloss. Other women are always looking for new lipstick trends to purchase! I remember when I was […]